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Question: Creation Corner articles are filled with scientific facts. Are you a scientist?

No, I am the retired founder, president and CEO of a mid-sized Mortgage Banking corporation. Being a scientist is not required for what I do, which is:
1. Select and arrange scientific facts as written by experts.
2. Analyze and report on the facts.
3. A natural ability for analysis and reporting was enhanced by my Army Intelligence training and enhanced  further by many years making Mortgage Banking executive decisions.
4. As it turns out, not being a scientist is more of an ADVANTAGE because the facts I cite are simple ones, easy to understand.

Question: Would you list for us your writings?
Frazier: My writings on various subjects include:


The first cell - evolved or created?

Scientific evidence from the lowly ant.

Seven discoveries that prove the Bible.

A study into the COG two-class system.

What if we find programming in nature?

Creation Corner - a book of eight articles.

Waste disposal systems operating all around us.

How important is creation for today's Christian?

Which is more real - the physical or the spiritual?

What do clocks and time have to do with creation?

Evolution and intelligent design - how much science?

Mortgage loan officer's handbook.

FHA and VA mortgage handbook.

Employee manuals for several companies.

Training manual for mortgage banking sales.

Real estate sales techniques to use every day.

Questions and answers about land contract investments.

General instructions for a mortgage banking branch office.

Grandpa's driving tips.

Grandpa's health strategies.

It's never easy - an autobiography for my grand children.

Miscellaneous information - volumes I, II, III, and IV.

An Interview with C. Frazier Spencer, the author of these articles.


Question: How did you become interested in evolution vs. creation?

Frazier: I became more and more troubled about the rising domination of evolution in our culture. I was especially concerned about evolution's affect on my grand children.
An avid reader, I have read thousands of books. I started to collect facts I read abouit nature and evolution. I then wrote the facts, together with my analyses, into articles distributed to my family. The articles gained a larger audience when they published in The Servant News newspaper and the Sabbath Sentinel magazine. Later, as you can see, I put the articles on their own website that so far has been viewed throughout the US and in 47 other countries.

Question: What are your objectives in producing "Creation Corner".

: I have three primary objectives:
1. To offer scientifically based evidence for intellegent design.
2. To challenge evolution doctrines that are so widely reported in today's society as proven facts.
3. To strengthen and reinforce the faith of those who are already Christian believers.

Question: From time to time will you post new articles on your site.
Frazier: Yes. I will identify new ones. Perhaps a new article of the month?

Question: May readers contact you?
Frazier: Comments, suggestions, criticisms, are welcome. Use creationcorner@wmconnect.com 

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If you want to know God, look at what He has made.