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First, an explanation
A theme that runs throughout the Bible is that our God is the creator of all things.

That theme is either:
it is not true.

If it is not true, then you can throw out all of the rest of the Bible because the god in it would be a liar, and untrustworthy!

If true, then we obey Him because we are his creatures and he knows what is best for his creation. Therefore, this writer thinks the matter of creation is a starting place for people investigating Christianity. Once creation is proved, everything else about salvation and Christian living logically follows.

The matter of creation, particularly to our young, has additional critical importance in today's society where the evolution opposite is gaining more and more dominance among educators and with the major media.

The offer
These articles in booklet form are offered free of charge to church groups who would use them in their church library or to distribute to members of the public who express an interest in creation. Ample blank space is provided on the back covers for the church group's identification.

Just go to "contact information" and let me know.
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If you want to know God, look at what he has made.